Quantum Qflash Handle Mount Camera Flashes (QFT5d-R)

Best reviews of Quantum Qflash Handle Mount Camera Flashes (QFT5d-R)

  • Using Quantum’s optional QTTL adapters, Qflash seamlessly integrates with TTL flash exposure systems on all popular camera
  • More powerful at 150 watt-seconds vs. approximately 50 watt-seconds for typical camera manufacturer’s flash.
  • Flash tube will last for approximately 400,000 flash photos and is user replaceable

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Qflash T5dR -d for digital and R for Ratio is the latest evolution in Quantum’s proven Qflash portable flash line. The new 5dR series used with Quantum’s FreeXwire digital radio system, now support wireless control of all dedicated camera-flash functions-Manual, TTL, Auto, Auto-fill and TTL-Ratio-up to 600-Feet. away Qflash Digital model T5dR are dedicated to the latest digital camera systems through its own QTTL through-the-lens dedicated exposure control. Parabolic reflectors produce softer, cleaner light. And they quickly interchange for bare bulb, wide angle, diffused, and telephoto reflectors. Qflash digitals are smaller and lighter than their predecessors. Flash heads swivel and bounce and lock into position with one button control. In addition to full dedication Qflash operates in Manual, Auto and Advanced Multi mode. In automatic mode, Qflash power adjusts in 1/3 steps over wide ranges from f/1.4 to f/22 for ISO 100 film – in 25 precision settings. In manual mode Qflash displays 19 power settings from full to 1/64th power, in 1/3 step increments. Multiple flash set-ups are easier because Qflash units communicate and coordinate through control cables, or wirelessly via FreeXwire digital Transmitter/Receivers/Transceivers. Do wireless QTTL, A-TTL, D-TTL, E-TTL2, auto, and even change settings on remote Qflashes. Model T5dR gets its power from any Quantum Turbo Battery.

Low cost
Quantum Qflash Handle Mount Camera Flashes (QFT5d-R)


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